Innovative membrane bioreactor for water recovery in the food industry

Sieghartskirchen, Austria

The project aims to develop a large-scale plant of an anaerobic membrane bioreactor (AnMBR) using wastewater from the meat processing industry to produce renewable energy (biogas), process wastewater and produce high valuable fertiliser from organic waste.The project contributes to the transition to a circular economy by offering a solution that transforms organic waste into ecological fertilisers for the agricultural sector, and biogas that ensure the industry energy self-sufficiency. It also improves the processing of wastewater allowing industries to become water self-sufficient.

Focus sectors
What do we want to achieve?

  • significantly reduce the organic load to the sewage treatment plant  

  • produce energy (biogas) from the wastewater to reduce energy costs  

  • Produce process water from the wastewater (lack of groundwater)  

  • produce a high valuable fertiliser to be delivered to the surrounding farmers

What is our circularity impact?

  • Increased share of renewable energy in overall energy demand -  Implementing a biogas plant directly into a company can reduce the energy demand significantly.  

  • Increased self-sufficiency / self-reliance -  Using an innovative AnMBR the energy self-sufficiency and also the water self-sufficiency can be increased significantly. The energy carrier biogas and additionally process water from the wastewater can be produced.  

  • Reduced waste generation  - Wastewater disposal will be reduced using the AnMBR for cleaning the wastewater, producing biogas and process water. Additionally, solid organic waste/residues can be used as substrate for biogas production and finally fertiliser production. 

What is our circularity strategy?

Circular strategy 9: Recover

Incineration of materials with energy recovery.

Circular strategy 7: Repurpose

Use a discarded product or its parts in a new product with a different function.

Circular strategy 4: Reuse

Reuse by another consumer of a discarded product which is still in good condition and fulfils its original function.

What are the SDGs for this project?
  • 6 - Clean Water and Sanitation
  • 7 - Affordable and Clean Energy
  • 9 - Industry, Innovation and Infracstructure

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