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DEFINITE-CCRI prepares high-impact circular economy projects in European cities and regions for investment, tackling legal, administrative, and market challenges.

DEFINITE-CCRI will make investing in circular economy projects both safe and profitable. To achieve this goal, the project has established a deal engine mechanism that provides technical, financial, and circular economy expertise to cities, regions, and project developers. By offering project development assistance, we can help reduce risks and boost the bankability of high-impact circular projects.


Join the DEFINITE-CCRI and contribute to improving the quality of investment proposals for circular economy projects by shaping them to your preferences.

You can expect to:

  • share your insights;
  • provide feedback on projects in the pipeline;
  • be invited to speak in match-making events and webinars.

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What is a circular economy project?

A circular economy project is a project that aims to promote a more sustainable use of resources by reducing waste, maximising resource use, and minimising the negative environmental impacts of production and consumption as well as unsustainable land use practices. Circular economy projects typically involve innovative approaches to material management, design, production, and consumption, and often require collaboration across different sectors and stakeholders. The goal of circular economy projects is to create a more sustainable and resilient economy that benefits both people and the environment by reducing dependence on finite resources and promoting a closed-loop system of production and consumption.

Why invest in the circular economy?

Circular economy projects have the potential to offer long-term financial and environmental benefits. They aim to reduce waste, increase resource efficiency, and create sustainable economic growth. As more companies and governments prioritise sustainability, circular economy projects are likely to become increasingly important investment opportunities. By investing in circular economy projects, investors can diversify their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) portfolio while promoting a more sustainable future and be a frontrunner in addressing pressing environmental and climate challenges.

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