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DEFINITE-CCRI is an innovative project funded by the European Union to support the transition towards a circular economy in European cities and regions. Launched in 2022, the project provides project development assistance and guidance to circular economy project developers to increase the likelihood of success in attracting investment.

By selecting and assisting projects with high potential for success, DEFINITE-CCRI will achieve transformational impacts for Europe's cities and regions, making them more circular and sustainable.

DEFINITE-CCRI aims to contribute to the implementation of the European Green Deal, the Circular Economy Action Plan and the bioeconomy strategy, balancing economic, social, and environmental goals. 

DEFINITE-CCRI is part of the Circular Cities and Regions Initiative.



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  • Build and operate a deal engine mechanism to increase funding chances for circular economy projects.
  • Close the gap between circular economy projects and investors and finance partners.
  • Mitigate risk and increase the investment readiness of innovative circularity projects for greater investment viability.
  • Launch four circular economy projects with up to €20 million investment each.




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