Channelling Material Flows: Fine-Mazed Collection as the Missing Link in Urban Mining

Leuven, Belgium

In ‘Channelling material flows’, the project owner aims at developing a logistics system to tap into material output streams at source. The set up of satellite material banks and other logistical solutions(incl. collection rounds) will be investigated to increase the circularity potential of physical flows for high R-grade strategies.

Focus sectors
What do we want to achieve?

  • In ‘Channelling material flows’ a logistics system is put in place to tap into material output streams at source. Satellite material banks and other logistical solutions(incl. collection rounds)are set up in such a way that physical flows of materials fit for high R-grade strategies (reuse/repair/refurbish) are handled selectively and separately to avoid mixing of materials with lower R-grade potential (recycle).   

  • These material flows (building materials, textiles, electric & electronic appliances, wood, etc.) in the fine-mazed collection system feed into the Urban Circular Hub where waste streams are prepared and offered for reuse B2C and B2B. 


Image by Atelier Circuler

What is our circularity impact?

  • Reduced material consumption  

  • Increased share of renewable and secondary raw materials in overall material demand  

  • Increased self-sufficiency / self-reliance  

  • Increased quantity of materials available for the next cycle  

  • Reduced waste generation  

  • Reduced incineration and landfilling activities and amounts subjected  

What is our circularity strategy?

Circular strategy 4: Reuse

Reuse by another consumer of a discarded product which is still in good condition and fulfils its original function.

What are the SDGs for this project?
  • 8 - Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • 9 - Industry, Innovation and Infracstructure
  • 11 - Sustainable Cities and Communities
  • 13 - Climate Action
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