3D Printing Pilot Structure of geopolymer for Kutila Canal

Lappeenranta, Finland

The project aims to use side-stream tailings from the regional mining operations to create geopolymer concrete and 3D print. The products of the 3D printing operations will be used for the construction of armoured units for the Kutila Canal infrastructure  

Focus sectors
What do we want to achieve?

  • Repurpose sidestream products from local mining activities into geopolymer concrete to be used as armoured units for the Kutila Canal infrastructure.  

  • Explore 3D printing as an innovative production method of the armoured units.  

What is our circularity impact?

  • Reduced material consumption – repurposing mining tailings for geopolymer minimise virgin material use and use of cement 

  • Increased share of renewable and secondary raw materials in overall material demand – repurposing mining tailings increases share of secondary raw materials in overall material demand 

  • Reduced waste generation – repurposing mining tailings, which are big volume side streams from mining as raw material for geopolymer reduces waste generation 

What is our circularity strategy?

Circular strategy 7: Repurpose

Use a discarded product or its parts in a new product with a different function.

Circular strategy 9: Recover

Incineration of materials with energy recovery.

Circular strategy 4: Reuse

Reuse by another consumer of a discarded product which is still in good condition and fulfils its original function.

What are the SDGs for this project?
  • 12 - Responsible Consumption and Production
  • 13 - Climate Action
  • 14 - Life Below Water

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