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DEFINITE-CCRI publishes Report on Methodology for the FIB and Financial Due Diligence

The DEFINITE-CCRI has released a document providing a detailed guide of the Financial and Investment Baseline (FIB) assessment and Financial and Legal Due Diligence for selected circular economy projects, offering a comprehensive overview of their objectives, methodology and scope. The Financial Assessment will be performed in alignment with the Technological and Impact Potential Assessment (TIP).

The report consists of three parts: Project Selection Methodology, the Steps of the FIB and Offered services for the Financial and Legal Due Diligence support.

Seven promising European projects were shortlisted for further evaluation through  a structured project selection method, which combines financial, investment and technical expertise. This selection is based on criteria such as the strength of the business model, revenue generation potential and existing funding.

As outlined in the document, the FIB assessment steps introduce a systematic approach to gathering and evaluating essential project-related data to become investment-ready. This approach fosters close collaboration between the DEFINITE-CCRI consortium and project owners, facilitating the exchange of insights and expertise. 

Moreover, the DEFINITE-CCRI consortium will provide hands-on financial and legal due diligence support to four of the seven shortlisted projects. This commitment aims to enhance the projects' appeal to potential investors and nurture their potential for success.

In summary, this document serves as a vital resource for advancing the financial and legal goals of the DEFINITE-CCRI initiative. Through collaborative efforts between the consortium and project owners, four of the seven shortlisted circular economy initiatives are poised to unlock their full potential, structure themselves effectively and attract investors, ultimately contributing to a successful and sustainable future for circular economy projects in Europe.

Read the Report on Methodology for the FIB and Financial Due Diligence here.

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