EU Regions Week webinar

Accelerating Circular Innovation in Urban Landscapes

EU-funded projects CircularInvest and DEFINITE-CCRI welcome you to an engaging webinar focused on driving circular innovation in urban environments. Join us for insightful discussions, inspiring stories, and opportunities for project development and collaborative networking, as we explore the transformative power of circular practices in cities.  


Event Details:  

  • Date: 16 October 2023  

  • Time: 14:00 to 15:30 CEST  


About the Event:  

This event will uncover the role of small and medium-sized cities as pioneers in driving circular practices. Renowned European expert organisations will share their insights and experiences to help the audience gain a deeper understanding of how circular practices can transform urban landscapes, especially in towns and municipalities of moderate scale.   

Real-world examples from the City of Ghent (Belgium) and another Southern European city (to be confirmed) will show how circular strategies can lead to meaningful and lasting changes while fostering sustainability, improving people’s life, and contributing to a more resilient urban future. Part of the session will be dedicated to free discussion to allow participants to exchange views with the guest cities.  

During the event, CircularInvest and DEFINITE-CCRI Project Partners will present opportunities for Project Development Assistance, designed to support cities in achieving circularity and to bring circular projects to life. Additionally, the new  Circular Investment Readiness Network  will be introduced, serving as a collaborative platform to connect stakeholders, share knowledge, and collectively address the issue of financing the circular transition.  



Welcome and introduction  

Simon Clement, Head of the Circular Economy Team, ICLEI Europe 

From local to global: small and medium-sized cities as pioneers of circular practices  

Kristin Strandberg, Cities Strategies, Circle Economy 

Inspiring stories of circular urban transformation and open discussion  

  • Dieter DeSmedt, Investment and Tech Innovation Manager, City of Ghent  
  • Manuel Semedo, Project Manager, City of Porto
  • Open discussion on challenges and lessons learnt 

Building together for circularity: Opportunities for Project Development Assistance and Networking  

Dora Fazekas, Head of the European Territorial Cooperation Unit, INOVA+ 

Introducing the Circular Investment Readiness Network

Kristin Strandberg, Cities Strategies, Circle Economy 

Q&A Session