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DEFINITE-CCRI offers Project Development Assistance (PDA) services to project developers, cities, and regions to develop bankable circular economy projects. Our Deal Engine mechanism provides technical, financial, and circular economy expertise to mitigate implementation risks and increase the chances of project success. Join our programme and benefit from our PDA services to turn your circular economy ideas into successful projects.

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  • Technical and impact potential Assessment (TIP). 
  • Finance and investment baseline (FIB).
  • Technical and financial due diligence support.
  • Project appraisal. 
  • Deal brokerage.

In addition to PDA services, you will have the chance to join our community of practice. This platform connects cities and local project developers, providing access to additional services and expertise. Moreover, you can take part in DEFINITE-CCRI capacity building programme to enhance your understanding of securing funding for circular projects in cities.  Have a look at the FAQ to learn more on DEFINITE-CCRI services.

Eligibility Criteria

The DEFINITE-CCRI Deal Engine is available for local and regional authorities in the European Union, as well as for private companies, start-ups, public-private partnerships and NGOs, provided that they collaborate with a local or regional authority. Eligible countries besides EU Member Stantes include: 1. Albania 2. Armenia 3. Bosnia and Herzegovina 4. Faroe Islands 5. Georgia 6. Iceland 7. Israel 8. Kosovo 9. Moldova 10. Montenegro 11. North Macedonia 12. Norway 13. Serbia 14. Tunisia 15. Turkey  16. Ukraine. Please check the FAQ for further information.

Entities meeting the eligibility criteria can receive Project Development Assistance to advance local bankable projects.  Project outlines undergo a screening process to determine their potential for contributing to circularity, the investment maturity, and expected risks. The Deal Engine prioritises projects with high-impact value chains outlined in the EU's Circular Economy Action Plan (CEAP) and offering systemic circular solutions.


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How to apply

Please fill in this online form.

If you have issues with the interactive form you can download the project outline form and the estimated budget form and send them to

Please note that the project outline form consists of five sections:

  • Project Description and Contact Information: Briefly describe the project's circular economy objectives and provide the main contact point.
  • Baseline Technical Information: Describe the regional and market conditions, business model, technology, and project development stage.
  • Baseline Financial Information: Estimate the investment size, identify funding sources and gaps, and provide an initial risk assessment.
  • Impact and Circular Economy Potential: Describe the expected circularity impact and project co-benefits.
  • Assistance Required from Definite-CCRI: Specify the assistance required from the Definite-CCRI Deal Engine.

Need help with your application? Check the FAQ or reach out to us for assistance  

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